Win $430,000+ in Crypto: Play Gas Hero, Web3 Video Game from STEPN Creators

• STEPN Creators are launching a Web3 social game called Gas Hero.
• As part of the launch, they are offering a contest with a prize pool of over $430,000 in crypto.
• The winners will receive 2,084 GMT tokens each and 2% creator royalties.

STEPN Creator Launches Gas Hero Video Game

STEPN creators have announced their first Web3 video game called ‘Gas Hero’. Developed by the team behind blockchain-powered fitness app STEPN, this social game invites users to collect Gas Hero non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and battle for fame, wealth and power. It is set in a world after an apocalypse caused by artificial intelligence (AI).

UGC Contest to Generate Buzz for New Game

The team has launched a user-generated content (UGC) contest with 960 Genesis NFT designs and an estimated prize pool of over 2 million GMT tokens worth some $431,394. There will be three phases of the Genesis Hero Design Contest lasting one month each where users will create 16 avatars or Super Heroes per phase. After completion, there will be 320 winners who will receive 2,084 GMT tokens each along with 2% creator royalties.

Decentralization at Core of Gas Hero

The concept of decentralization is at the core of Gas Hero as it includes initiatives such as in-game community voting and asset trading between players using $GMT as currency while its marketplace is decentralized.

Launch Date Not Yet Revealed

Although the contest has started on July 10th 2023, no official launch date for Gas Hero has been revealed yet by STEPN creators.


The new video game from STEPN Creators is generating excitement with its UGC contest that offers huge reward to its winner along with decentralization initiatives that make it more attractive for gamers all around the world.