Crypto Market Landscape: Web3 VC Funding and Beyond with Steve Cho

• Steve Cho is the Head of Mechanism Play and Partner at Mechanism Capital.
• He was focused on growing the games business for the App Store, an expert on NFTs and blockchain technologies.
• He provided insight into VC funding for crypto projects, strategies for navigating the bear market and identifying opportunities in Web3 gaming space, the state of the Web3 gaming industry, challenges for web3 gaming companies, and stories from his time working with Apple.

Steve Cho – Head of Mechanism Play & Partner at Mechanism Capital

Steve Cho is a partner at Mechanism Capital and heads up Mech Play, a web3 gaming fund. Before joining Mechanism Capital he was responsible for growing the games business for Apple’s App Store. He was also an expert on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain technologies.

VC Funding For Crypto Projects

In an exclusive interview with Steve Cho provided insight into venture capital funding for crypto projects and discussed strategies to navigate the bear market as well as identifying investment opportunities within Web3 gaming space.

The State Of The Web3 Gaming Industry

Cho also spoke about current state of Web3 gaming industry itself – discussing some of its major challenges as well as potential solutions to these issues. His experience working with Apple was also highlighted during this conversation providing valuable insights into how technology can be used to revolutionize how we play games online.

Navigating The Bear Market & Identifying Investment Opportunities

During his exclusive interview with Steve Cho outlined strategies that investors could use when navigating through the bear market in order to identify lucrative investment opportunities within the crypto space; including those related to Web3 gaming projects specifically.

Story From Working At Apple

Finally Steve concluded his interview by providing some interesting stories from his time working with Apple – revealing how he first discovered Bitcoin back in 2013 while working at a mobile ad tech startup called Kiip and has been coin collecting ever since!