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• Four upcoming ICOs are set to make waves in their respective industries: Fight Out, Republic Note, C+Charge, TagoVerse, and Backstage.
• Fight Out is leveraging Web3 and move-to-earn (M2E) technology to address issues in the fitness industry.
• Republic Note is a profit-sharing instrument with a finite supply that aims to bring profit to investors by distributing dividends when companies succeed.

Upcoming ICOs

The cryptocurrency market continues to hold its ground in the face of mounting regulatory challenges, new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are still emerging and providing investors with unique opportunities to invest in innovative crypto projects. In this article, we’ll explore four upcoming ICOs set to make waves in their respective industries: Fight Out, Republic Note, C+Charge, TagoVerse, and Backstage.

Fight Out

Fight Out is a project that aims to address issues plaguing the fitness industry by leveraging Web3 and move-to-earn (M2E) technology. With Fight Out, users will be able to unlock and proudly display a unique NFT avatar that reflects their fitness progress. They can also earn REPS tokens which incentivize them to work out at home or in the gym. These tokens can be redeemed for discounts on subscriptions, merchandise, and gym memberships. Investors have a unique chance to take advantage of this investment opportunity that offers bonuses up to 50% in the project’s token presale for investments over $50k – FGHT tokens have already raised close to $4.39 million in the presale period with the next phase soon beginning at higher prices.

Republic Note

Republic Note is an upcoming digital security launched by alternative investment platform Republic which aims to bring profit to investors by distributing dividends when companies succeed. The Republic ecosystem provides individual investors accesses to a wide range of investment opportunities including early-stage startups; growth-stage/pre-IPO technology companies; crypto; e-sports & video games; real estate; Main Street investments; etc.. This security token offering has already raised over $25 million from accredited investors since its launch last year – further demonstrating investor interest in this new type of asset class.


C+Charge is an upcoming decentralized finance platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology which allows users around the world access financial services such as payments processing & lending without requiring them having bank accounts or credit cards – making it easier for those who don’t have access traditional financial services due geographical & economic limitations or poor credit score/history issue too easily access capital markets & funds they need without any hassle or long wait times usually associated with banks & other traditional institutions . It supports multiple currencies & payment methods allowing users transact across borders at very low fees compared traditional options while also enabling them secure their funds using smart contracts & private keys like other blockchain projects do .


TagoVerse is an innovative gaming platform built on top of Ethereum blockchain technology aiming create immersive game worlds where players can interact with each other build virtual empires win rewards for completing tasks , trade items , play games , etc . It features unique monetization strategies not found any other gaming platforms such as NFT auction house , decentralized exchange , mining simulator , leaderboard rewards system , etc . Players will also be able use their own custom ERC20 tokens purchase virtual goods within game environment . TagoVerse’s token sale has already sold out more than 50000 ETH worth tokens earlier this week showing strong investor demand for these types assets .


Last but not least we have Backstage – an upcoming music streaming service powered by Ethereum blockchain technology allowing musicians upload their music directly into decentralized network so fans around world can stream it get paid fair share revenues generated from streams/sales instead having go through intermediaries collecting large cut royalties earned every time someone plays song online or purchases album offline store . Backstage also plans offer various tools artists promote themselves reach wider audience other than just relying major labels help them reach mainstream success they deserve while giving fans chance discover emerging talents before they become household names . The project’s token sale starts later month so interested investors should keep eye out more details coming soon !